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PartnershipStrategic Partnership

A partnership that would include the mutual interest of both the parties by sharing the services that can benefit the counterparty. The agreement shall vary as per the discussion, which may include but is not limited to service-to-service settlement, commission-on-service settlement, or fixed price settlement.

Channel Partnership

This partnership includes an agreement between the company and an individual or a separate company (hereafter known as the “Partner”) that would act as a channel to supply projects or clients to the primary company which happens to be Hewink. The agreement will be settled in proposed two deals:
  • Profit-Sharing Partnership: Wherein partner would share the profit share percentage with the company. Therefore, if the deal is made for a certain amount, a fixed percentage amount of the proposed deal shall be transferred to the company for the development of the project.
  • Fixed Price Partnership: Wherein the partner will bring the requirement and the company will decide the price to develop that particular project. Once the rates are finalized, the partner deems all the rights to resell the project in any amount suitable to them.

Referral Partnership

This type of partnership includes commission-based settlement between the company and the partner wherein the partner shall refer the company to various other partners or clients and shall receive an agreed commission on the same.